DOs and DON’Ts for Churches

Christian Coalition of MichiganWhat Churches May Do:

  • Conduct non-partisan voter registration drives
  • Distribute non-partisan voter education materials, such as Christian Coalition voter guides and scorecards
  • Host forums where all viable candidates are allowed to speak
  • Allow candidates and elected officials to speak at church services
  • Educate members about pending legislation
  • Lobby for legislation and may spend an insubstantial amount of its budget (5% is safe) on direct lobbying activities
  • Pastors (and members) may endorse candidates in their capacity as private citizens
  • Participate fully in political committees that are independent of the church


What Churches May NOT Do:

  • Endorse candidates directly or indirectly on behalf of the church
  • Contribute funds or services (such as mailing lists or office equipment) directly to candidates or political committees
  • Distribute materials that clearly favor any candidate or party
  • Pay fees for partisan political events from church funds
  • Allow candidates to solicit funds while speaking in church
  • Set up a political committee that would contribute to candidates